• 1) In pre-sale there are 3 types of 1 bedroom:

    1- Loft (all open)

    2-1 Rec + Den (mini studio)

    3-1 Rec + more room space

  • 2) Maintenance price:

    The maintenance price will be approximately between 5,500 to 7,000 mexican pesos/month

  • 3) How much is the amount to reserve a department?

    USD 5,000.00

  • 4) What is the return on investment (ROI)?

    Approximately between 7 and 12%

  • 5) For how long can I reserve a department?

    Just for 15 working days

  • 6) If I made a payment for reserve a property and later I decide not to buy it, what happens with my money?

    The money is returned just if it is within the 15 working days

  • 7) If I am a foreigner, how do I acquire a property in Mexico?

    Please download our Step by Step Guide here

Si tiene alguna otra duda, con gusto podemos atenderle sin compromiso en nuestra oficina de ventas ubicada en Playacar Center, local 34. T. 984 203 0402

Email: ventas@awaplayacar.com www.awaplayacar.com